Helping You Go Further

Helping You Go Further

We know that business travel is typically the second or third largest controllable expense, but is also a critical tool in growing a business. We work with each company to setup a customized travel program that will maximize every dollar spent while ensuring that your travelers are well cared for.

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“UNIGLOBE has been fantastic to work with.  The team has been very responsive to all my requests, and the project came together much better than I had even hoped for. They not only supplied everything I requested but suggested and sent reports, etc. in a format that she knew would be helpful. And I also have a new friend!”

Thom Battles, Travel Nurse Across America

Policy Consultation

Our process with your company begins well before the first booking. Our account management team will meet with you to understand your business needs and culture, and work with you to develop or refine a corporate travel policy specifically tailored for your company.

Technology Systems

UNIGLOBE TripCheck is our robotic 'super agent' that works behind the scenes to secure lower fares, better preferred seats, and ensures that all applicable corporate discount codes have been applied your bookings.

Online & Agent-Supported Bookings

We know that some travelers like to be in control.  We offer your travelers the ability to book via their smart phone and/or online while ensuring adherence to company policy. Our team of focused professionals are available to give you the very best in service and solutions. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to identify which method is best for each of your employees based on cost and employee category.


UNIGLOBE Reporter provides your company with visibility and insight into your travel spend. Accessible both on-demand, or for scheduled delivery, you’ll have access to real-time spending detail. Of course, your account manager will always be available to discuss these to help you analyze and maximize your spend.

Risk Management

An unfortunate reality about business travel is that your people can be at risk while on the road. We help provide the systems and tools so that your travelers have the knowledge they need to stay safe, and to get help when needed. We help your company fulfill its duty of care obligation and give your travelers peace of mind.

Supplier Analysis & Negotiation

Beyond the reporting, there is opportunity in your spend analysis. We’ll work with you to direct your spend to maximize its value.  This often involves negotiations with airlines, hotels or car rental companies to secure discount programs based on volume.