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How Safe Is Flying Today?

August 24, 2020
We look at the stats (not the hype) on the safety and risks of flying in during the Covid era.

What to Expect in the New World of Travel?

June 17, 2020
With new policies, restrictions and cleaning standards from airlines, hotels, airports and virtually every other stop along the way, we take a look at what its like to travel during the COVID recovery.

Coronavirus: Your Safety is our Priority

June 12, 2020
As the world of travel adjusts to the realities of COVID-19, we have compiled a collection of resources and information to assist you in understanding how various travel suppliers are preparing for the new travel reality.

What Will Happen to My Loyalty Program Status?

May 25, 2020
As travel patterns for 2020 will look nothing like those of years past, we examine what airline, hotel and car rental loyalty programs are doing to adjust.

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Meetings

April 03, 2020
Beyond the technical issues of muting your mic and testing your connection, we get into the personal issues of getting the most from your virtual meetings.

All About Flight Delays

January 27, 2020
Weather is a common target to blame for flight delays, however the majority of delays are caused by a variety of reasons which frequently have nothing to do with the weather.

Tips for Business Travel During the Holiday Season

December 10, 2019
For the frequent business traveler, heading into a more-chaotic-than-normal airport filled with new travelers, can cause added stress.

Understanding the Major Shifts in Airline Alliances and Joint Ventures

November 05, 2019
In late September, Delta Air Lines shocked the aviation world with the announcement that they would be investing in LATAM Airlines, forming a joint venture and that LATAM would be leaving the oneworld alliance. This is the latest in a series of changes in the world of airline relationships that will

The Environment and Airline Travel

October 03, 2019
Dissecting the arguments for and against airline travel and the environmental impacts of it versus other modes of travel.

Saving Your Battery from the Impact of Roaming

September 05, 2019
Tips and tricks to save your phone's battery from the impact of roaming when you travel.

Arriving Fresh: Combatting Jet Lag

August 06, 2019
Tips and tricks to minimize the chance of getting jet lag on long-haul flights.

The Seat Beat - Part 3 of 3: Selecting the Right Seat

July 04, 2019
We conclude our three-part series on airline seats with a look at some inside tips at finding the right seat for you. Online there are scores of blogs about finding the “best” seat, but they miss an important consideration – different people have different needs.

The Seat Beat – Part 2 of 3: Premium Economy

June 03, 2019
For business travelers, a good airline seat can make the difference between being productive and comfortable or being behind in your work with an aching back.

The Seat Beat – Part 1 of 3: The Basics

April 18, 2019
For business travelers, a good airline seat can make the difference between being productive and comfortable or being behind in your work with an aching back.

Building a capsule wardrobe for business travel

August 30, 2018
A frequent mistake new business travelers make is packing too much. When you’re packing your suitcase the night before your flight it’s easy to start grabbing everything that catches your eye. Before you know it your suitcase is too heavy to lift! One solution to this common dilemma is a capsule

Tips for Traveling with Your Boss

July 13, 2018
Business travel can often be fraught with stress, especially so when accompanying your boss. We spoke to business travel expert Road Warriorette for suggestions on how to make the best impression on a business trip with a superior.

Safety Tips for Business Travelers

April 29, 2018
Safety is something all travelers should be concerned with, whether they are seasoned road warriors or beginners. There are a number of things travelers can do to stay as safe as possible during their business trips. We spoke with business travel expert Road Warriorette to get the lowdown on safety

Airport Report- John F Kennedy International

January 15, 2018
JFK airport is the busiest international air passenger gateway in North America. It has about 80 airlines operating from its 125+ gates. However, despite its size and importance, it does not have service from either United or Southwest.

How to Keep Your Resolutions While Traveling

January 15, 2018
A new year has started, and you’ve set your good intentions for 2018. Whether you are wanting to save money or learn a new skill, sometimes traveling can be a hurdle to achieving your goals. Here’s how to stick to common New Year’s resolutions while traveling.

Traveling with Pets

October 25, 2017
We all feel a pang of guilt when we go on a trip and have to leave behind our little furry friends. On one hand you want to bring them along but on the other you don’t know how convenient it will be.